Courses taught at Syracuse University (2005-2011)

SCN 017: Creative Nonfiction for Summer College

A two-week enrichment course for high school students, it emphasized nonacademic writing—creative nonfiction, memoir, and the essay. Students wrote texts experimenting with style, genre, and subject, read contemporary nonfiction texts by varied authors, and heard from multiple guest speakers and visiting artists.

WRT 104: Introduction to College-Level Writing

A pilot program for entering seniors in New York City public schools, this course served as an introduction to college-level reading and writing practices: learning to compose for college audiences, to read challenging texts actively, to make interpretations and claims, and to collaborate with others.

WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing

The required FYC course at Syracuse, students studied and practiced writing processes, including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies. They also focused on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation.

WRT 114: Writing Culture 

Emphasized nonacademic writing: creative nonfiction, memoir, the essay. Students wrote texts experimenting with style, genre, and subject, read contemporary nonfiction texts by varied authors, and attended lectures/readings of visiting writers.

WRT 200: DIY Publishing

Current syllabus: Spring 2015

Considered the ways writers circulate texts on their own and the choices required along the way: the media chosen, the tools fashioned, the communities formed, and the risks taken throughout the process.

WRT 200: Student-Activist Histories at SU 

Taught methods of historiography by reading about and writing microhistories of student activism at Syracuse throughout the 20th century.

WRT 205: Critical Research and Writing

Current syllabus: Spring 2012

Presented a study and practice of critical, research-based writing, including research methods, presentation genres, source evaluation, audience analysis, and library/online research. Student work (Soundbeat scripts produced for NPR): [1] [2] [3]

WRT 307: Professional Writing

Current syllabus: Fall 2014

Professional communication through the study of audience, purpose, and ethics. Rhetorical problem-solving principles applied to diverse professional writing tasks and situations.

WRT 331: Peer Consultant Practicum

Introduction to theories and methods of writing consultation. Topics include: social dynamics, grammar, ESL, LD, critical reading, writing process. Practices: observations, roles playing, peer groups, one-on-one. Writing intensive.

WRT 430: Advanced Experience in Writing Consultation

Students scheduled 30 hours of consulting, wrote an experience paper, and met regularly with me.