Make zines!

Where to order

Several indie shops & distros sell zines online. Here are a few I recommend, though you can also find a thorough and mostly up to date list here:

  • Quimby’s — Famous underground bookstore in Chicago that carries thousands of titles.
  • Antiquated Future — Distro out of Portland, OR.
  • Brown Recluse Zine Distro — Seattle distro that specializes in POC zines and radical politics.
  • Atomic Books — Another great underground bookstore specializing in weird stuff.
  • Blue Stockings — NYC activist center and bookstore.
  • Printed Matter — Book art and edgy zines out of NYC.
  • Pioneer’s Press — Run by some great people out in Kansas. Order radical zines, books, posters, and more.
  • Sweet Candy — Another west coast distro that has been around for over 10 years.
  • Crapandemic — newer goth distro that carries more than goth.

How to make



There are many many more on the web, but these are some of the better ones I’ve encountered.

Tools, templates, and spaces

  • Seashore — free, powerful photo editor for Mac OSX
  • Glimpse — another free photo editor
  • Zines! A Primer mini-zine (pdf) by Syracuse In Print
  • Digital templates for mini-zines [docx] [pages] [indd]
  • Flipsnack — free flipbook-style publishing tool
  • Issuu — another common magazine-style digital publishing tool

Connecting with others

Aside from the obvious hashtags like #zines and #quaranzines on Twitter & Instagram, these are some spaces where you might find zinesters gathering.

  • r/zines — Subreddit for zines
  • Broken Pencil — Longtime Canadian magazine that specializes in North American zine culture. Published quarterly.
  • POC Zine Project — Important resource that advocates for nonwhite zines and Black Lives Matter through materiality.
  • Razorcake — Punk magazine that reviews like-minded music zines.

Short videos about zine culture

Zine studies

Zine histories

Libraries & archives

Teaching with zines

  • Course: “Self-Publishing.” Upper-division course I’ve taught at Rowan University in Fall 2019 & Fall 2020. Includes syllabus, assignments, lesson plans, and more.
  • Courses: “Using Zines in the Classroom.” A survey of ways I’ve used zines while teaching creative nonfiction and DIY Publishing at Syracuse University (HASTAC)
  • Lesson plan: “Learning at Home | Experiments with Zines” by Beatrix Pang Sin Kwok (Asia Art Archive).
  • Lesson plan: “Zine Workshop” by Aisha Conner-Gaten (Community of Online Research Assignments)
  • Lesson plan & workshop: “Make a Quaranzine.” Accessible 1-hour workshop sponsored by The Believer magazine and hosted by longtime Runcible Spoon publisher, graphic memoirist, and NPR contributor, Malaka Gharib.
  • All the things. Barnard Zine Library. Several different lesson plans, videos, and other resources, with classes and workshops ordered from newest to oldest.
  • Zine kits. Many zines fests and public programs have adopted to COVID-19 by mailing out zine-making kits in advance of an event or workshop. [Lancaster Zine Fest] [Austin Film School]
  • News: “Not quarantine…QuaranZine.” Article on how graphic design professor Kasten Searles taught with zines at Henderson State during the initial lockdown in spring 2020.